Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor in 2022

Aren’t travel agents obsolete?  I mean, I can book everything myself, and it’s sometimes even cheaper on Expedia or Hotwire.  It’s called the Internet, Amy.  

Yes, that’s true.  You CAN plan and book everything by yourself and yes, you might find something cheaper on a third party website. (Although be extremely cautious of third party websites when trying to book a Disney trip. If there is ever any issue with your room or tickets, Disney will NOT help you. Many people learned this the hard way in 2020. Also, they often have so many extra fees that they really don’t save you much money anyway. )

But I’m going to tell you why you might want to reconsider DIYing your next vacation and work with a travel advisor instead, so you don’t end up like this at the end of your trip:

  1. We save you time. Wait times on phone lines everywhere are crazy right now. Last week I waited on hold for an hour to make my 11 year-old’s annual check up at the pediatrician.  It’s not uncommon for hold times at Disney to be hours long on some days. Do you really want to sit there listening to the same music loop for two hours to make a small modification to your reservation or to purchase tickets to a dessert party? A travel advisor will do that for you. We will get up early (6am eastern, my friends!) to make Disney dining reservations while you sleep. You are busy. (That’s probably partly why you need a vacation!) Let a travel advisor take some of the planning off your already full plate.
  2. We are problem solvers. Issues pop up all the time and your travel advisor can deal with problems so that you don’t have to. Recently, a client had a flight change and so she had to figure out where to add on two extra nights to her trip. I was able to price out three different options for her while she went about her work day and then she decided what she wanted to do. If you have problems with your reservation, we can most likely get in touch with the right person to fix it.
  3. We save you money. Vacation suppliers release discounts throughout the year and they aren’t always heavily advertised. Disney especially will quietly release a discount on a limited number of rooms or packages and then it’s up to guests (or their travel agents!) to find it and jump on it quickly. Travel agents monitor these discount opportunities daily and can apply them to your reservation before you’ve even heard about them.
  4. We know what we’re talking about. Travel Advisors are experts in certain locations. (Like weirdly expert–especially Disney travel advisors–we’re our own special breed). We know little details that can help make your trip so much better. We can tell you which restaurants to go to and which ones to avoid. We can help you narrow down hotel choices (did you know that Disney World alone has more than 25 hotels to choose from?) And we can tell you which attractions will be perfect for your family’s vacation. We can answer your questions and reassure you that everything will be fine when that crazy Disney rumor mill gets going (as it so often does!)


So yes, the internet can be a great tool. But it can also be an overwhelming source of confusion!  Let your travel advisor do what they’re best at so that you can have the best vacation ever!


I would love to help you get started! Email me at ftjbyamyknee@gmail.com, or click “Get a Quote” above and we can begin planning your next fairytale journey!