10 Things For Your Park Bag That Just Make Sense

I’m heading out to Disney World in just a few weeks and so I’m starting to think about packing!  I actually love packing for Disney because it gets the anticipation and excitement going for me.  In addition to think about what you want to pack in your suitcase, you should also consider what you are going to want to bring with you when you visit the theme parks.  Here are a few items you definitely want to include in your park bag!

  1. External battery/Charger: Obviously, you’re going to be bringing your phone and charger, but an external battery/portable charger is also a good idea to bring along on your Disney trip.  Genie+, Disney’s new ticket add-on that allows you to skip the line at many attractions can be a huge battery drain. If you are going to be in the parks most of the day, you don’t want your phone to lose all its juice right when you’re trying to reserve your next ride or mobile order your dinner! Bringing your own external battery means you don’t have to find an outlet and sit there while your phone charges.
  2. Reusable straws: In an effort to reduce their reliance on single use plastic, Disney has switched to paper straws (when they give them at all!) These can tend to get soggy pretty quickly, so I like to bring my own silicone straws. There are plenty of choices on Amazon!
  3. Ziploc baggies: Plastic baggies are one of the most versatile items you can bring on your Disney vacation! Gallon size bags can be used as packing cubes. I will often pack my kids’ clothes, one outfit per bag, labeled with the day to make getting dressed in the mornings before the parks nice and easy.  Smaller bags can be used to hold snacks for the parks, wet swimsuits or socks, used face masks, or your phone or other electronics on water rides!
  4. Ponchos/Raincoat and Umbrella: No matter what time of year you are heading to Orlando, you should plan for it to rain at some point on your vacation.  This might be one quick shower one day.  Or it might mean a monsoon-like storm every afternoon. Either way, you’ll be glad you have something with which to cover up.  Personally, I like both a packable rain jacket and a small travel umbrella, as I find ponchos just kind of hot and sweaty.  But a large poncho can also double as a rain cover for a stroller! Disney does sell ponchos at the parks and while they are good quality, they are expensive too!  You can find good quality ponchos on Amazon for a fraction of the price.
  5. Flip flops: There’s almost nothing worse than having to walk around in wet shoes and socks.  Change into flip flops before Splash Mansion or Kali River Rapids, store your shoes in those plastic bags you brought (see above!) and then when you’re done, you can change back into those dry shoes.  You can also use them if you need to ford any “rivers” caused by those afternoon Florida downpours!
  6. Band-Aids and/or Moleskin: Every park does have a First Aid station where you would be able to get a band-aid or other general first aid supplies. However, if you are far away from the station you might not want to trek all the way to the front of the park for a blister or paper cut. Band-aids and moleskin are also going to help with those pesky blisters that we sometimes end up with when our poor feet aren’t used to so much walking!
  7. Extra Masks: Masks are required at all indoor locations at Disney World so it’s smart to have extras with you in case you drop or lose yours!
  8. Hand Sanitizer: While there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the park, I like to have my own on hand.  I reapply after I go on rides, especially if I’ve had to use a buckle, or hold on to railings, safety bars, or handles.
  9. Refillable water bottle: Yes, you can buy water bottles at the parks.  But you’ll probably have to cash in your kids’ college funds to do so.  Bottled water is insanely expensive at Disney World and while you can always ask a quick service dining location for a cup of free water, it’s nice to have a bottle with you as well.  Orlando is HOT (duh) and staying hydrated is super important!
  10. Sunblock: Florida is called The Sunshine state for a good reason! Apply sunblock before you go to the parks, and then reapply every hour or two.  Florida sunburn hurts in an entirely different way!  You don’t want to be miserable your entire trip because you were burned to a crisp on your first day!

Of course, there are a lot of other “must-haves” when you take a Disney World vacation.  When you book a vacation with Fairytale Journeys by Amy, you receive my exclusive Client Information Packet which includes a detailed packing list so you won’t forget any of the essentials!  If you’d like to talk about planning a Disney vacation, I’d love to chat with you!  Email me at ftjbyamyknee@gmail.com or click “Get a Quote” above and we’ll get started on your next Fairytale journey!